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The Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum is a small, local history museum telling the story of how the town of Townsend began, along with the efforts to create the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The Museum was incorporated in 1982 and with the help of the then Townsend Chamber of Commerce, the steam locomotive #2147 was purchased and moved to the Townsend location just before it was sold for scrap. The Museum offers Free Admission and is open seasonally. The Museum continues to operate through Donations and Souvenir Sales. The current project, the preservation of the Shay Locomotive # 2147 is an ongoing effort. We have two more projects in the planning stage. Locomotive #2147 continually needs work to preserve it from the elements, so a covered landing is in the works.

Other projects that The Little River Railroad & Lumber Company Museum (LRR&LCM) has are a ‘Little Woody” Caboose that is in the process of reconstruction to convert the caboose into a replica of the “Elkmont Observation Car.”. This will portray the history and the openness of the car will have many benefits for possibly entertainment platforms and sitting areas., and the final current project to build a new deck/platform and ramp onto the Depot Building that houses the Museum to provide access and aid visitors that are handicapped.

We invite you to get involved with the Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum through your Donation. Please pick the project you want to support or we will apply your $$ where it is needed most.

Shay Locomotive # 2147

Locomotive 2147 shay black


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