About the Museum

The Little River Railroad and Lumber Company was founded in 1982 as a non-profit corporation. Our mission is to preserve the history of the Little River Railroad and the Little River Lumber Company.

Outside Exhibits

The larger artifacts, including Shay 2147, two vintage flatcars, a portable Frick steam engine, one of the original “setoff” houses (used for logging families in the mountains), a wooden water tank that was used in Walland and a log loader are displayed on the grounds. Newly debuted replica of the Elkmont Observation Car.

Museum Buildings

In 1983 the original Walland Depot building was moved to the site, and now contains the primary collection of photographs, papers, tools and other smaller artifacts. This building was renovated in 1995-96, and new exhibits were created to tell the Little River story. Alongside the depot platform, museum volunteers have constructed a replica of the Elkmont Post Office which houses our Gift Shop.

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