Little River Scenes

In this section we present an assortment of images depicting life along the Little River during the heyday of logging. As time permits and our collection grows, we will add to this page, and perhaps group some of these into new categories.


3522HouseSalvationAbove.jpg (26015 bytes)        1313TremontHotel.jpg (27371 bytes)        3521HouseSalvation.jpg (23393 bytes)

       Tremont Church                                Tremont Hotel                            Church and Middle Prong    

Fish Camp

1311FishCampStore.jpg (29278 bytes)        34102FishCampShayBox.jpg (23696 bytes)  

            Fish Camp Commissary                      Commissary and Shay                    


1310ElkmontPostOffice.jpg (18116 bytes)             3536ElkCommPOHopper.jpg (18327 bytes)        3537ElkThroatLarge.jpg (17297 bytes)

    Elkmont Post Office                         Commissary and Post Office                          Shops, Yard Throat            

                1808LogTrainElkmont.jpg (29700 bytes)                0703ShaysSnowWeb.jpg (29369 bytes)

                            Log Train at Elkmont                                        Shays in Snow, Elkmont

Early Logging

0715HugeLogWagon.jpg (13051 bytes)     3488LogTeamBlanketMtn.jpg (32547 bytes)

   3466HugeChestnutSheltons.jpg (34173 bytes)     34114TeamsSnakingLogs.jpg (40108 bytes)


0210Sunshine.jpg (14808 bytes)

6011SunshinePlatform.jpg (23206 bytes)           1405SunshineStation.jpg (23247 bytes)


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