Recent Projects at the Museum

Outlined below are a series of recent projects at the museum. All these efforts would not be possible without the countless hours contributed by our fine corps of volunteers, but it's a great group of people who get plenty of satisfaction by seeing the progress. You're more than welcome to join us, on either a continuing or occasional basis, so come on over! Contact Us

  • Depot Exhibits

The original Depot building from Walland (where Little River tracks began) was renovated in 1995-96 with a new heat pump system, wiring and lighting, and repainted inside and out. All New Exhibits were designed and built with the help of University of Tennessee staff and students, and a grant from the Tennessee Humanities Council. Individual panels tell the Little River story from pre-Columbian times, early logging, the tannery at Walland, the full story of the Little River Lumber Company and the Little River Railroad, and finally the founding of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

 The exhibits contain and explain the many tools, papers and artifacts collected over the years, and are illustrated with over 200 enlargements of vintage photographs from the era. This was a major two-year effort which converted piles of unidentified objects and papers into one of the finest small museums in the state.

Still to come is an HO diorama featuring a mountainside logging operation with a piece of the Little River Gorge.


  • Gift Shop

Since the entire Depot building was needed for exhibits, we were left without a Gift Shop. The solution was to erect a new building adjoining the Depot platform, a replica of the Elkmont Post Office. The Post Office still needs finishing touches, but is operational as our Gift Shop and welcome center, with a portion devoted to storage.    Original Elkmont Post Office


  • Web Site

We continue to work on our Web Site for the Museum, the fruits of which you are witnessing here. This will be an ongoing project, with new features included over time. Our objectives are to spread awareness of this fine museum, encourage people to visit, improve communication with our members and fans (including modelers!), and to increase sales with our online Museum Gift Shop.

We especially want to hear from you! We know there are many fans out there, and we know many people are modeling Little River in various scales. In the near future, we hope to be offering some unique scale models, collectibles, and photos from our extensive collection. And we want to be of service to you. So send us your comments and suggestions!   Contact Us


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