Grant Project Photo Album

Our Grant Project began in May, 2003, with the laying of new track. We hired Scott Ogle, Dirk Chandler and Mitch Bohanan (the three engineers on Dollywood's steam trains) to lay our track, and they're doing a great job. Our own board members are preparing the roadbed and ballast, moving ties and rail. As we go along, we'll update this page with new photos to let you witness the transformation of our new outdoor exhibits.

Don Headrick begins grading Bud Chandler, C B Howell, Dirk Chandler and Scott Ogle work the first rail Bud Chandler positions rail Dirk and Scott position Points while Al Tompkins and CB look on
Figuring the Frog Dirk and Bud connect the Frog The Caboose on the crossover curve Flatcars have been moved to rear
Foreground shows new entrance road Ed McTavish grading Overview on July 16 Next Job: Replace this track!
Figuring the Rail Sort Chaining the Rail Into the 60 lb Stack Pulling up the Ties
New Tracks In - Shop Track on Left Ties Laid for the Crossover Bending Rails Pounding Spikes
West Track Laid Rails Begun to Shay Rain Kept Us Cooler August 28 Overview
CB lays a  bomb in the  Smokebox Four 4x4s to do the Job! Through the Switch! Pulling Hard Now
Sitting Pretty out front Caboose is hitched up! Nice sight from the highway! Last rails have been laid

Track is laid - and the Shay is moved!

We still have switch stands to finish, and ballasting to do, but the last rail has been laid.