Museum Events

Black Satchel
Log Jam

The Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum continues to sponsor community events related to railroad and logging history, model railroading and Little River history.

In April 2005 the museum was host to the Smoky Mountain Division of the National Model Railroaders Association for a picnic and meeting held on the grounds.

The museum sponsored a meeting of the Southern Appalachian Logging Railroad Historical Association, otherwise known as the Black Satchel group, in March 2005.

In November 2003 Bill Hooks gave a special presentation of his "Whistle Over the Mountain" program, held in Maryville, and sponsored by the museum as a fund raiser for our TEA-21 grant.

In August 2002 a special event known as the "Log  Jam on the Little River" was held in conjunction with Loyal Legion of Logged On Loggers, and international group of Logging History enthusiasts.

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With our new building currently under construction (and due to be finished winter 2005-2006), we will have an improved facility to host more events. Watch our website for announcements of upcoming activities!