Railroad Construction

Building the railroad up the East Prong gorge employed some of the latest steam-powered equipment, but much of the construction, and continuing maintenance, remained very labor intensive, as these images relate.

3498MarionShovelROW.jpg (36862 bytes) 1312FlatLdrMenSkidShay.jpg (36916 bytes) 3411MarionShovelGorge.jpg (20776 bytes) 4603WorkCrewRailjackLarge.jpg (27601 bytes)
Marion Shovel Marion Shovel and Crew Marion Shovel Excavating Gorge Work Crew with Rail Jack
3495BldgLogPiers.jpg (30367 bytes) 3508ConstructionCrew.jpg (30321 bytes) 3539SectionCrewWProng.jpg (24491 bytes) 3574RepairCrewElkShop.jpg (29093 bytes)
Building Log Bridge Piers Construction Crew with Handtools Section Crew, West Prong Track Crew at Elkmont Shop
3526TrackCrewPeawood.jpg (18900 bytes) 4910WorkCrewScythes.jpg (22535 bytes) 0103WorkersElk.jpg (29033 bytes) 4604WorkCrew.jpg (25753 bytes)
Track Crew, Peawood Hollow Maintenance Crew Workers, Elkmont Line Track Crew

3509CrewLayingTrack.jpg (20487 bytes)

Crew Laying Rail


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